Breezy Is A Breeze

Despite the bad day I was having for other reasons (see entry about my DS), the preview release of the next release of the Linux Distro Ubuntu was put on the servers today. Its called the Breezy Badger, I had tried upgrading to it a couple of months before when it was still very unstable and it messed up my X Windows set up and couldn;t be repaired so I had to go back to Warty. But with fingers crossed I updated my sources in my apt config file and entered sudo apt-get dist-upgrade in the terminal. About an hour later and after about 650MB of downloads I had a new version of Ubuntu up and running. Only one minor issue was with GDM, it couldn;t read my config file from my previous set-up, but that was easily solved by reverting to the stock config file and selecting my GDM theme again. After restarting once to allow the new Kernel to load everything was running perfectly. If only it were this easy to install every operating system…..