Having raved about Fink several times already i actually found a reason to look elsewhere for my Unix fix on OS X. I required a project management app to help me plan out clients projects. I had used Planner successfully in the past www.imendio.com so was happy to use it again if I could get it to build on OS X. There is no entry for it in Fink, but after a bit of searching found there was a package available for Darwinports that would build under OS X 10.4. So i downloaded the binary installer and set about trying to get it all to work. I have to say though it was not plane sailing at all. The Darwinports system would not sync with the server to check what the latest packages where, which was a pain as Planner is not one of the default packages. However, just by installing the Darwinports system and build environment meant that the stock Planner source would build without a problem. It runs fine under X and I think now I pretty much have all the apps I need running under the X Windows system on OS X. Current list of installed apps:

Konqueror (Very handy file manager)

Planner (Project management tool)

Inkscape (Vector graphics app)

KXmleditor (App for creating and editing xml documents)

Gaim (Multi protocol instant messenger client)

Emacs (Great, versatile text editor)

Firefox (Fink installed version of the mozilla browser runs better than the OS X native version)

Gnome (Just in case I feel the urge to see the gnome desktop on my PB)

Gnumeric (Excel eat your heart out)

Abiword (Word eat your heart out)

Gftp (I cannot find a decent FTP client for OS X that isn’t shareware)

Quanta (For creating all my websites for clients)

Gnucash (For doing my books)

Gimp (Because I don’t have £500 for Photoshop!!)