Debian, Plesk & Tomcat

Whilost sitting about waiting for my work permit to be approved on Grand Cayman I have been playing about with installing Plesk onto my debian Lamp server that I wrote about in previous entries. I decided to learn how to get it up and running, as although its good to know how to set things up with config files its also easier to use a nice interface and having used Plesk for a number of years on clients servers I am happy that it can do the job.

To start with I re-installed a clean Debian 3.1 system configured as a web-server, so basically all it has is Apache 2. I added VSFTPD so I could ftp into my vmware server to add a few extra files I would need during the installation, namely the Plesk auto installer sccript that you can get from to try out plesk with just one domain.

After the Debian install had finished I fired up the installed script, selected my options to install from the Plesk Server and deselected some of the modules which I wasn’t going to need, like webmail and game server. I then let the installer do its thing, but it failed on dependencies for Tomcat. Tomcat is a way of running java apps on the server. Its not that easy to install as I found as there aren’t normal packages on within the package repository I was using. After a bit of googling I found I needed the following packages from the Debian ftp site:




so using wget I downloaded these directly to the server:





I attempted to install these using:

dpkg -i tomcat4-java_4.1.31-3_all.deb

dpkg -i tomcat4-admin_4.1.31-3_all.deb

dpkg -i tomcat4-webapps_4.1.31-3_all.deb

dpkg -i libtomcat4-java_4.1.31-3_all.deb

Which gave me a load of dependency errors, which I tried to fix using:

apt-get -f install

Which fixed all of the dependencies except one for tomcat4-admin which require libstruts1.1, so back to the Debian ftp server:


Then simply:

dpkg -i libstruts1.1-java_1.1-3_all.deb

and re-install tomcat4-admin

dpkg -i tomcat4-admin_4.1.31-3_all.deb

fix any dependencies:

apt-get -f install

and then check for any updates for the packages we have just installed:

apt-get upgrade

Once this all returns ok, tomcat is installed and plesk is ready to install. So I ran the installer script, it went away and downloaded all the additional packages it needed, about 150 of them and installed everything. After which I could login to the server from another computer using https://ip-address_of_server:8443 to access the secure login page.

Simple really!!!