Dell Blow Up….

My work Dell D600 Latitude literally went up in smoke today. It had been intermittently cutting out all day, but then this afternoon it finally died.

After speaking to Dell it would appear that the motherboard has given up the ghost. Which is severe pain, as living in the Caribbean its not exactly easy to get a replacement motherboard. Although it is under warranty it us under a North American warranty and not a Latin American warranty. So it is going to be a right Royal pain to get hold of the new bits, I could be without it for a couple of months.

Looks like my trusty Powerbook will have to step up from Bittorrent duties to become a temporary work machine. Maybe I could convince my work to just invest in a new Apple MacBookPro for me…. Now that would be nice.

I was going to do a write up on installing Ubuntu on the D600 as it can be fiddley with the Broadcom wireless card and other messing about you have to do to get it all to work. But as I don’t have the machine to finish it off with looks like it will have to wait.

In the meantime I am updating Fink, which as I have written before can take a while, I haven’t updated fro about 2 months, so I think it could take about 48 hours to build everything, good job there is a Bank Holiday for Ash Wednesday tomorrow….