Dell Woes

Due to my impending move to the sunnier climate of the Cayman Islands I have had to decide what IT hardware will be coming with me. whilst I would love to take my $hit hot Linux server that I built at great expense earlier this year, unfortuntaly the shipping costs and the fact it wouldn’t get used very much mean I can’t. Obviously my PowerBook is coming with me, but I needed something else. Something that my wife could use if she needed, and also something that would support Windows as it appears the Caymans haven’t really heard of Apple or Linux yet!! So I went out and acquired a Dell Inspiron 8100. I had one of these my self a few years ago, so i know what they can do. Their greatest strength is the 15″ 1600×1200 display, however this also proved to be greatest weakness….. The laptop I got worked fine whilst I was viewing it, but as soon as I got it home the screen decided to start playing up. One of the connectors in the lid was damaged and caused half the pixels ont eh screen to go green… so after a quick bit of wheeling and dealing I got another screen for £60 which is a bit of a bargain as brand new ones are about £300!!! So That was me I was sorted till it came time to install video drivers for it. it uses an ATI Radeon 7500 mobile, and its virtually impossible to find win2k drivers for it!! XP is not a problem, but Dell don’t do the drivers they say talk to ATI and suprise, surprise ATI say talk to Dell!! I could put XP on it, but as XP is such a resource hog I prefer having 2K which is a bit snappier, but I will hopefully find some drivers soon!!! This is why I love Macs, everything just works……. I don’t think I have ever had to download a driver for any of my Macs ever…..