DS No More….

Well I knew it would happen sometime. I knackered one of my consoles. I was attempting to use my SuperPass for my DS so I could run some homebrew code and use some emulators. I updated teh firmware fine, and put the images of the homebrew stuff on my Compact Flash card to stick into my SuperCard. At first the console wouldn;t boot into GameBoy mode, then it just booted to a white screen if I inserted anything into either of the slots. Then for no apparant reason it switched itself off and now won’t turn back on again. if I plug the charger in it charges for about 2 seconds and then the orange light goes off. I have tried swapping the battery but no joy. Its looking a bit grim, and with my trip to Cayman coming up and having far too much time on my hands lying on the beach I will be needing my fix of Advance Wars DS!!! So looks like I will be off to buy a new DS this weekend….. DOH!!!! But will I have the balls to try flashing it again??