Fink SelfUpdate

Well it has been a while since I posted, mainly due to having commitments outside of being a geek, i.e having a wedding reception to organise (my own) and having my parents staying for 2 weeks!!!! However, I am back now, and have spent a week trying to get things updated. Stupidly I asked fink to selfupdate without checking what was going to be updated…. I hadn;t realised that both Gnome and KDE had been updated in the repositories so it had to rebuild the lot. I only have the gnome desktop, but as I have Quanta installed for webdev work it requires the main parts of KDE, so after about 72 hours of compiling it was finally finished. It would have been quicker if I hadn’t had to do work at the same time so my PowerBook was getting moved about and switched on and off which slowed it all down a bit. However its all installed now and everything is hunky dory!!! I have added a few more essential apps to the config. I like the idea of OpenOffice, but its just too big and slow just now, especially as the version released for Macs is way behind the latest builds, although I know everybody is working hard to catch up and they are doing are great job porting it natively to OS X. However for everyday use I need something a bit more snappy, so i installed AbiWord and Gnumeric. They are pretty impressive, very quick and have no problems opening and formatting Word and Excel docs. Try them out if you ahve a chance. there is a native port of AbiWord for OS X too!!!