Fink Update

just thought I would add a little update to my fink experience…. When installing Fink it will ask you if you want it to add its path to the .profile file. Which I always say yes, and it always tells me its added it, but theres a problem as some other file is changing the PATH after it. The net result of this being that it can’t find the /sw/bin file to launch all my files meaning I hvae to either navigate there or put the full path to the executable in it when I run it. However today I stumbled upon the answer, let Fink put its path in the .profile file, then copy the /private/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc file to your home directory as .xininitrc i.e ~/.xinitrc and add the line ‘source /sw/bin/’ at the top of the file and then restart X, hey presto all my files run without having to add the path. Now all I need is to get a sctipt to launch them that i can add to the Dock, then we will be finished.

Compilation status so far, is Quanta is done, just adding GPG, Kommander, Kompare etc. for the added extras, I am also compiling Emacs, as I love the editor, I can spend all day using it and never use any other apps!!! I know there are native versions for OS X, but I prefer the Fink version, yes I know I am sad.