Forza Motorsport

Probably my greatest passion after messing about with computers is gaming, whether it be on an Xbox, PC, PS2, PSP, NES anything, I don’t care. I have a pretty good collection of consoles, I think it was at 18 at the last count, with only 2 or 3 that I know about that i haven’t got yet. With the Xbox 360 et al. coming out in the near future I will have to start sweeting talking the wife into letting me buy them all soon….

Anyway, this weekends computer traumas and subsequent re-installation gave me sometime to get into my latest purchase, Forza Motorsport on the Xbox, so after a quick message to my mate Iain, who has been playing it for a month already we set about seeing how far through the game we could get in a weekend.

Now I must confess at this point I am a Gran Turismo fan, I have all the games, and completed the first 3 (I know you can;t get 100% on GT2 because of them taking the drag racing out), and I am working my way through GT4 just now. So it was going to be tough to give this new kid on the block any praise at all. And for the first couple of hours I really didn’t enjoy it. I felt the handling for the lower spec cars just wasn;t right. For example in GT I can buy a Toyota Celica (my own car) and race it round bends at speeds I can do on real roads, but the same could not be said of the cars in Forza, the Celica didn’t handle right and none of the other cars seemed quite right either.

However, I got my head down and carried on, eventually beginning to get some better cars (helped immensely by Iain showing me the engine swap ‘glitch’), and suddenly the game took off, we managed to get to level 20 after about 5 hours of playing which wasn’t too bad, and now I am getting the better cars the handling seems more inline with GT. But the reason I bought the game was because of its online play, one thing that sadly GT is lacking, if it had it, then I wouldn’t even have considered looking at another game. I have only had a brief experience of it online but it seemed a lot better than my Halo 2 eperiences, I enjoy Halo a lot in single player but multiplayer… I don’t see the point, plus I don’t have 20 hours a day to spend playing it!!!! The gaming seemed a lot friendlier, and was easier to have fun, plus I also found a lot more Brits playing which was cool, I don’t know if its because Forza tries to keep people together on more localised servers or because there just are more Brits on there, but I can see me spending a lot of time on their in the future, at least until GT 5 comes out with Online Play…..