I Spoke Too Soon

Finally been bitten in the butt for playing with the development release of the new Ubuntu Linux distro… Hot on the heels of blowing up my Nintendo DS I downloaded the latest patches to the new linux release. As it required an update to udev and the kernel I decided it would be best to reboot to try the new kernel image and get udev to recreate all the required device nodes. Upon rebooting X didn’t work, it couldn’t start any devices. Basically it was screwed, a problem in udev meant none of the device nodes were being created. I was given a command prompt and no way of fixing it!!! Until I visited the ubuntu forums and saw several other people with the same problem. Basically if you had a laptop that required devices started then there was likely to be a problem. After a quick bit of reading up I found it was possible to get the system up and running again just by re-installing the previous version of udev. I had been close to sticking in a copy of the previous version of the system 5.04 (Hoary) and starting from scratch, but one command later I was back up and running. On rebooting everything started fine although the version of the Kernel was not the most stable so I have reverted to the previous version of that too. I am now going to hold back on any more updates until the offical release of Breezy. Was it any coincidence that the version of udev that failed was 13???