OS X Essentials

After the jubilation of getting my PDA finally working was the downside of re-installing everything. Fortunately the re-install of OS X had put a load of software on for me, like iWork and iMovie (I normally use Final Cut Pro, but iMovie allows me to create Star Wars type scrolling titles so it gets to stay on my drive!!): below is a list of the essential apps I like to have on OS X: (in no particular order)

UnRarX (for unrarring compressed rar files)

MonoLingual (remove all the additional language support from OS X saved me over 1.2GB!!)

X11 (Kind of essential for running apps via fink, or for ssh-ing into my Linux box and running apps via X)

Camino (An OS X browser from teh people that brought you Firefox, fast and secure)

Thunderbird (Again from Mozilla.org, secure email client)

iBlog (without it how would I be talking to you!!)

Transmit (A great little FTP client, its shareware, but the demo last me long enough to get stuff installed before I build Gftp using fink)

Fink (For all my *nix needs!!)

Azureus (Java bittorrent client)

aMSN (MSN Client for OS X thats miles ahead of the official MS version)

DivX (Bunch of codecs for watching movies)

Dragon Burn (DVD/CD burning app, which worked with Tiger before Toast did)

Export Artwork (Downloads all the album covers for my iTunes Library)

Forty-Two (A great video app for converting different video types, great for compressing DVD’s to take away when i am travelling)

Limewire (P2P client)

Mercury Messenger (Another MSN client, a bit slow but this one supports web cams including my iSight)

MyMind (Mind mapping software, great for brain storming, as Kdissert hasn’t been ported to fink yet)

Netbarrier (Infinitely customizable firewall app)

Password genX (A very useful strong password generator)

VLC (*nix media player that plays pretty much anything including files with subtitles)

Windows Media Player (Despite having seen the light myself some people still think Windows is a great platform so I need to be able to view their media files)

X-Chat (Port of the Linux IRC client)

XERD (For designing databases)

As you can see quite a lot of ‘essentials’ but due to being a) A sad geek, b) A web/media developer and c) Also a system admin, I need all of these apps to help me in my daily chores. I have no problem paying out £10-50 on bits of software that I am actually going to use on a regular basis and do a decent job. Of course there are all the other ‘professional’ apps that I use e.g Final Cut Pro HD, Dreamweaver MX(for when ic an;t use quanta), Photoshop (For when i can’t use The Gimp), Flash MX, Soundtrack etc. but thats a different matter. Anyway I am off to go and install Fink and Quanta again!!!