OS X Re-install

After all the hassles with getting my Palm to work as I have outlined earlier I decided to start from scratch and re-install the OS. So I backed up all my data, photos, music, documents etc. and even all the fink directories, hoping that somehow I would get them to work again without the 24 hour build process again. I inserted the Tiger DVD and restarted…. surprisingly I was actually given the option of updating my OS and saving all my data, just freshen the files that were on there, which looked like the option for me. But it didn;t quite work out. i ended up with a folder 8GB in size called previous system, and a new OS that didn’t have the required shared libraries re-installed, and was quite frankly a mess.

So I decided to just wipe the drive and start from scratch. After the usual hour long install I logged in to fins a nice fresh clean install. theres something about a freshly installed computer, everything is as it should be nothing has been hacked, messed about with or accidentally deleted!!!

So first things first, try to get Palm working again…..

I installed 4.2.1A rev B of the Palm Desktop software and tried to use iSync to setup the conduit…. no dice, then I tried updating iSync to the latest version, still no success. I was constantly getting an error saying that it couldn’t find the HotSync manager to install the correct conduit. now from my googling I had found that the problem most people had was due to permissions, so I decided to check them using the Disk Utility, I repaired the permissions on the drive, which seemed a bit stupid on a fresh install, but I was ready to try anything at this point, again still wasn’t working!!!

Now as a last resort I decided to try installing it as root, I know it shouldn’t make any difference as I was set as an admin user and it asked me for my password when installing stuff, but I couldn;t think of anything else to do. So I enabled the root user account via the NetInfo Manager utility, logged out and then back in again. I installed Palm Desktop, started up iSync and tried Enable Palm OS devices….. WOOOHOOO!!! It installed the conduit and found my PDA, after a quick change of the settings using the Palm Conduit Manager to enable the iSync conduit I could talk to my PDA. I logged out again and back in as my usual user and tried to Enable Palm OS Devices in iSync, and it worked!!! Again a little bit of fiddling with the Conduit Manager, but then my address book and iCal info was all updated and everything was right with the world….. all that was left was re-install all my apps!!!