Palm Woes

Well after 24 hours of compiling everything I wanted and getting my system pretty much perfect, the last thing on my list of setting up my new PowerBook was to get my old Zire 21 PDA to sync with it. Now I know that Palm have dropped support for Macs (for reasons best know to themselves) but I don’t want a PocketPC PDA and I only really use it for contacts and appointments so I thought I would just install the Palm software and away I would go…. How wrong I was.

It was all looking so good, I installed version 4.2.1 RevA of the the Palm Desktop software, and it detected my Zire when I hot synced it, so I thought my work was done. But no, after syncing I realised that for some reason my contacts had not synced. Strange I thought, but then after a bit of googling discovered that Tiger comes with the HotSync Conduit for iSync 2 already installed and you have to set it up to sync the Address Book, iCal etc. So after following the instructions I found that iSync couldn;t install its conduit correctly. After furhter googling on the problem I found it was because version 4.2.1 Rev A of Palm Desktop had a bug that was cleared in Rev B, so off I went to try that.

Now this is where it all went wrong as trying to uninstall the original Rev A version of the software wouldn;t work, something to do with permissions on the directory, so I removed it manually, then installed the Rev B package to be greeted with an error message upon completion telling me of a shared library error!!! After much googling and tearing out of hair I could not fix this, and even found that the shared libraries that it was talking about were no longer on my system, but could only be put back on by installing OS X again!!!!

I did, however, find an app called Missing Sync which looked like it would do the job, although it would mean having to use separate apps for syncing my phone and PDA, I didn’t mind as long as I didn;t have to reinstall my OS and setup Fink again. I eventually found a demo version of the software, but could not make it sync my address book or iCal, now I don;t know if it was a limitation of the demo or just because the libraries were missing. Either way Iw as not about to spend $40 on a piece of software I couldn’t see working. I was left with no other choice but to bite the bullet and reinstall OS X to fix the problems.