PSP Memory Stick

Having had my PSP for about 6 months already before everybody got theirs in Europe I had already seen most of what it had to offer, and to be honest was a little bit bored with it. Yeah I agree the graphics look amazing, but at the end of the day a majority of games being produced for it just now are ports of PS2 games, I have a PS2 already, I don’t want another console that I can play exactly the same games on. Anyway, being the sort that likes to be on the cutting edge I decided to get into the homebrew scene for the PSP, so purchased a 1GB SanDisk Memory Stick Duo Pro (Can they not come up with a shorter name??), Now whilst I am not condoning pirating software, I have found over the years that downloading a game and trying it out is a much better way to save money than reading a review of a game that says its good and then finding that its not quite what you expected. Especially with the prices of games today, I want to be able to know when I buy the game I am actually going to get my moneys worth out of it. not to mention I have been in the situation where you “mod” a console to play copy games and end up with more games than you can play and never play anything. If I like a game I will definately pay the money. Which is why i went to the trouble of getting a memory stick and using the great app FastLoader that can be found via a quick Google on the web I was trying a couple of UMD’s out. I had been waiting ages for TOCA to come out, as I thought it would be ace, but thanks to being able to “try before I buy” I found the game is actually pretty rubbish, so I was able to save my money, and invest it in Wipeout pure instead….