Quanta on OS X 10.4 (via Fink)

Well its taken a long time to wait for the packages to be patched to work with 10.4, although I am sure they have been in a stable enough state for a while, I thought I would wait till I got my new PowerBook before I embarked on the great journey that is building KDE on OS X. For this task I was using Fink, I know its possible to build KDE natively on OS X, and even to download binaries that will work fine. I have even downloaded said binaries, but its for a much earlier build of KDE and did not run particularly well.

So I plumped for my old favorite fink (Fink Home ), thousands of *nix packages that can run be built from source or in some cases downloaded as binaries for OS X. The trouble is, even to install just a single KDE app like Quanta (a web development tool that forms part of the KDevelop environment), you have to build the whole of KDE from source!!! Not a simple task, although it is made a lot simpler using fink, and fink commander to select the packages that you want to use, as it handles all the dependencies using a version of apt, (you gotta love Debian!!).

So all that is actually required is to select Quanta from the list, tell it to install the source via a terminal and then answer about 10 questions as to the packages it should use, mainly to tell it to use ssl encrypted packages, I just leave all the answers at the default state of 1. Then it will inform you that it is going to install about 120 packages and off it goes…….

After downloading all 120 packages, with a 2MB connection it was only about half an hour it sets of to compile, theres no way of telling how long its going to be as you do not know what order the packages are going to be installed in, and its very difficult unless you know what to look for to work out which package it is actually being compiled. However, if you leave it for the best part of 24 hours, maybe longer (took 24 hours on a 1.5GHz G4 PowerBook), then you will have a fully working version of Quanta and the base of KDE installed!!! Wooohoo!!!

On starting Quanta however it informs you that there are certain other apps that need installed for the full functionality of Quanta to be experienced, suck as Kommander, Kompare, Cervisia, stuff like that, so back to the package selection, some of them have already been built through the initial KDE build, but some others need to be built from scratch, so that the stage I am at now. Taking the time to catch up with my blog whilst I wait on Cervisia, should be about another half an hour and then I have 2 more to build and we are cooking with rhubarb!!!!