Router Woes

Almost as if it new that its time was up my Linksys WAG54G router has slowly started to die on me, the same day that my new Airport Express turned up. So now I can listen to my iTunes library on my stereo without any wires. but Linksys got jealous of my new wireless toy and started to overheat, and reset itself. Once it had cooled down and I moved it so that I could run a fan over it it decided to stop the wireless interface working, which isn’t too disastrous as I have my Airport Express connected to it, so can still have wireless internet access. But it obviously is in the last few days of its life. I will try updating the firmware to see if it becomes a bit more reliable. Even if it does work out I think somebody may find themselves a bargain on ebay for it!!!!

Which means I need to go and research whats the best router with ADSL modem around. I want a Linksys WRT54G, as you can run a version of Linux on them and get Kai working for gaming on it, but it has no modem built in, and for life of me I cannot understand why Apple don’t make an Airport base Station with an ADSL modem built in…..