Tiger Woods 06 PSP

Whilst there is no getting away from the stunning visuals of Tiger Woods 06 on the PSP, there is just something about the controls and the new putitng system that just ruins the whole experience for me. Don’t get me wrong I love the TW games on the Xbox and PS2 and love spending a few hours out on the course, but the PSP version just doesn;t quite sit right with me.

Maybe its because my hands are the wrong shape, and size?? But with the power boost being on the right trigger and also the power button for the console being on that side I have found on numerous occasions that I have turned the console off by accident when trying to get that bit of extra boost on my shots, which is more than slightly annoying. Now my second gripe is probably due to the size of my hands and the fact that after years of gaming my thumb doesn’t quite move in the right direction anymore. but I am finding that the analog nub on the left that is used for the swing control is too close to the edge of the console so I find it very difficult to turn my thumb in such a way as to be able to pull back dead straight on my backswing. This is resulting in quite a few wayward hooks as I pull back slightly to the left of centre.

The other bone of contention is the new analog putting system. I suppose something had to change for this update and this time it was putting. I just can’t get used to it, especially the power meter, after several hours of playing I was still managing to fluff a regular number of puts and roll some only 6 inches as I couldn’t stop the meter at the right power level. But maybe thats because I am just crap??? 😉 Also on the small screen i find it very, very difficult to tell if the screen is rotating or not for lining it up.

Having said all the bad things about it, its still a good game, just my fingers and thumbs don’t work with it. Graphically its awesome and for once I actually managed to get my player to actually look like me, so its not all bad, and I am sure that anyone that can master the controls will have a great time with it.

Now my mates will testify to the fact that I normally make my mind up about a game after 10 minutes without giving it a real chance, but I have now spent 4-5 hours with it and I am still not enjoying it, I really want to like the game, I do, I have given it as much time as possible but now I must admit defeat and consign it to the pile of games will only be played when I am bored of my other golf games. i find Hot Shots golf far easier to get into and can easily waste a whole battery going round the courses there. Maybe its just my hands that are causing the problem, other people will more than likely not have the same problems. Its also just another straight port of a PS2 game, which is another dissapointing aspect. I want something thats different, not something that I can just play at home.