Virtual PC Ubuntu

Well having finally got all my apps installed and everything running on my PowerBook I came across a small problem, which I knew I was going to have but don’t know how to fix. I have found a great mind-mapping tool called Kdissert, (as you can guess from the naming it depends on KDE), I thought however using Fink I would be able to maybe get it to build with the correct headers installed. After much messing about I got KDE headers and QT headers installed and even more messing about I managed to get the Kdissert source to find them when it starts building.

The problem is the source won’t build, I know why, and its not because of the headers being wrong, but because of Libtool. The version that OS X is using for trying to build the source doesn’t understand the –export-dynamic and –rpath switches. Which according to the version Fink says its installed it should do. therefore the source bombs out when it reaches those statements. I have searched in vain for a couple of days trying to find a way to work out what the problem with libtool is and how to work out what actually is going on. But the documentation I have found so far has been pretty pants. Which leads me onto the actual reason for this posting….

As I use the app a lot I need a way of running it, so having got hold of Virtual PC for OS X I set about installing Ubuntu on it. I have Ubuntu on my desktop, and I love it, its so easy to use, and if it carries on the way it is going could be the distro that really does bring Linux to the Desktop of Windows users. Only problem with installing Linux under VPC is that VPC is optimised for running Windows, so it runs a bit slowly, its just about usable and I only want it for one app so I can put up with it.

One point to note, when installing Ubuntu X will configure wrongly, and try to set the bit depth to 24 when VPC can only handle 16, so on boot the login screen is garbled. Reboot into recovery mode from teh grub screen and then from the command line use Nano or Pico depending on your editor of choice to change the bit depth in either /etc/X11/xorg.conf or if you are using Warty(4.05) then /etc/X11/XFREE86.conf, then hey presto reboot and X is working….. now just have to spend a couple of hours downloading all the latest updates and patches before I get to use the system for what I want!!!