X3 Bios

A quick post about my Xbox. I have an X3 with the full X3 panel on the front with LCD and now an X3IR so I can turn it on and off with the DVD remote control.

I was trying to find a way to flash the bios, eventually found a setting of the Bios switches to find a version of FlashBios still installed, so managed to stick in a new version. Only trouble is I had set the bios to direct boot into XBMC, so I can no longer get into the X3 settings screen.

After a bit of googling I found that by holding the white button on a controller with the DVD dongle removed on start up boots the bios into the control screen so now I have complete control again.

All I need now is to get the X3IR to talk to a Windows machine so I can fiddle with the settings and my box will be finished….. Till the next mod comes out.