Bit Torrent behind a firewall

Now this is something that is very useful if your computer is stuck behind a firewall and Torrents are blocked.

What you need is access to an external server preferably with SSH access.

If you are running windows then you will need an SSH client, if you have a proper OS like Linux or OS X just fire up a terminal and enter the following:

ssh -2 -R 7654:localhost:7654 -A -D 1080 serverAddressHere

Obviously replacing the “serverAddressHere” with your servers ip address or domain name.

Thjis will open up an SSH session with your server so enter your password when asked. Then just leave the terminal running.

In your Torrent application set up the port to connect to as 7654 then set up the proxy settings for the tracker. Enable using a SOCKS proxy, the host address will be Port 1080 then add your login details for the remote server. You need to enable proxying of peer communications, enable SOCKS again, and set version to V5 if possible, and the host and port number will be the same as the tracker settings above.

Then you’re done, you may have to restart your torrent app, but when it starts again the little green face should come up for NAT and your torrents will start without a problem.

You can use the proxy settings on any other app that you need to pipe through a firewall, Limewire, eMule etc. they all seem to work fine.