Xserver Reconfigure

OK, so after my work Dell blowing up, Fink also gave up the ghost on my Mac after compiling the latest version of Quanta 3.5.1, it crashed everytime I entered any text. So We had to root around the office to find a PC I could get Ubuntu working on so I could actually do some work. We found an old machine, installed and then found the graphics card wasn;t going to give me anything more than 1024×768, which isn’t much use for software development. So we hunted down an NVidia card which would do the trick. However, this meant having to get X to work with it, and as X was altrady set up how do you get it to rescan your video hardware??

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg

Thats how, simple!!! Follow the instructions,. fill out the options you need and hey presto it works.