Well what can I say about me, that hasn’t already been said. Quite a bit probably!!!

Anyway, moving swiftly on, I am basically a computer geek. I have an interest in anything and everything to do with computers and technology. I am mainly into using Open Source software for everything I do. I run Ubuntu Linux on my work laptop and I admin our work servers which we are slowly converting to the same Distro. I enjoy playing a lot of computer games, and have an Xbox (Xecuter 3, LCD Screen, 120GB Hard Drive. X3 IR Remote), PS2 (Matrix Infinity, 80GB Hard Drive), GameCube (Viper GC Extreme), PSP (Awaiting Undiluted Platinum to be delivered) and a Nintendo DS for all my gaming needs. Back home I have a pretty complete collection of all the consoles that have been made, ebay is a wonderful thing!!!
Thats basically all you are going to get in this blog, there will be no personal stuff, just geeky computer and games related things. Maybe a few films now and again, but I am mainly using this blog as a place for me to write down stuff that I do that I will need to remember for future reference.

Unlike most geeks that I know, I do actually have a life and a lot of interests away from computers….. I married my lovely wife in Las Vegas in the summer of 2005, Elvis was there the whole nine yards!! We then went around the world on our honeymoon, taking in Los Angeles, San Diego, Fiji, Cairns, Sydney, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. As if that wasn’t enough travelling we decided to upsticks and move from our home in Aberdeen, Scotland to Grand Cayman in the Caribbean, which is where I am writing this from. We go diving, surfing, cycling, sailing all sorts here, so a pretty active life!!
I think thats enough about me for now.