WordPress Rocks!!!

Well hopefully this is the last time I have to move my blog!!

Having gone from a .mac account to Blooger.com I finally took the plunge and reconfigured my dedicated server to have virtual hosts and registered jigsawpieces.co.uk, rather snappy I thought. Anyway it was a lot easier to get it all set up than I thought. I just followed my own instructions for setting a LAMP server, with the latest versions of Apache and PHP5. One additional option had to be added to the PHP configure command –with-curl.

This had to be added as I had chosen to use WordPress as the backend behind the blog, it doesn’t need curl for normal operation, but one of its features is to import posts from Blogger.com where my old blog was. Therefore I thought I would take advantage of it and it copied everything across perfectly. Well almost, some of the titles were a bit messed up but I suspect that was more to do with Blogger than WordPress. Anyway I have been playing with it now for a few hours, and managed to set up all my categories, added an about page and a load of links. I am very impressed with it. The editor for posting is nice and easy to use, I don’t need to use an app on my desktop anymore as its just as easy to use the WordPress backend. So hopefully there will be a bit more activity on here from now on!!! Promises, promises.

The next task is to change the theme, the default one is OK, and some of the others you can download are pretty cool, but for once I know exactly what I want to do, and as its all basically CSS and HTML so I should be able to knock it up at some point. Just a question of finding the time!!