Dapper Update

After playing about with Dapper for a while I have found a small problem, my Broadcom wireless card is now not working. Ndis says the drivers are loaded up correctly, but the card cannot be configured at all. After a bit of googling I founf the solution to be that on boot up the bcm43xx kernel module was being loaded which was then conflicting with the ndiswrapper functions. To fix it is just a question of adding the following line to the /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist file:

blacklist bcm43xx

That forces the module to not be loaded and then the ndiswrapper drivers load up as normal.

I was however, still having a problem with my PAM configuration after a failed attempt to get my laptop to talk to my works Active Directory servers with Kerberos. (I am still working on it and will hopefully have a howto soon, although I am also working on replacing the Active Directory servers with OpenLDAP, SAMBA and Kerberos). So with the permissions problems I was having, and as I have my /home directory on a seperate partition I decided to backup my /etc directory and reinstall from the new Dapper CD.

What a great experience it was to. The CD booted to a live enviroment, so I could surf the web work on some documents that were on my home partition with a text editor, all whilst my new system was installing in the background. After a quick reboot, and putting the ndiswrapper drivers back in for the wireless, I was good to go. It is possibly the quickest and easiest full OS install I have ever done. I doubt I would have been able to do it so easily if I had been using windows!!!