CP-UL-300 Enclosure

This is just a quick post, as I have only just received my new HD Enclosure from CDW, takes a while to get stuff shipped to Cayman!!

Anyway, the enclosure allows you to place the HD on your network, set it up as an FTP server, or a SMB share, so it would be possible to use it as a share across the interweb if thats what you want to do. However, I haven’t got that far yet, it was hard enough just setting it up initially. According to the particularly rubbish manual you should just stick it on the network and be able to access it via the address http://storage-0007/ this doesn’t work.

What you actually have to do is connect it directly to your computer, set your computer to get a network address via DHCP and then access the device using the address which is quite cool that the device has its own built in DHCP server, it just would have been nice for the manual to point that out.

I now have it all set up for sitting on my network at home, but I am at work, so can’t play with it properly yet, but once I do I will put on an update.