CP-UL-300 Enclosure Update

OK so a bit of an update on the enclosure. Had a false start with it, as I already had formatted my drive before I put it in the enclosure. So whilst I could access it no problem through the USB, I had problems with getting the SMB and FTP services set up. I had to start from scratch, so wiped the disk and through the CP-UL-300 web interface I formatted the drive and the set up the SMB share and FTP. It connected no problem to both shares when I tried it from my laptop. Transfer speeds seemed ok, definately better than my Linksys NSLU2 adaptor that I use for 2 of my other external drives. So all in all it works very well and I am thinking about getting another couple for the other drives I have lying about. Its great that it can work as a stand-alone FTP server, as now I can let my friends access my files, once I set my router up (Now thats another story, Netopia 3341 ADSL Modems are not the easiest things in the world to get to do what you want them to!!!)