Dell 3100cn

As part payment for a project my company completed we were given a Dell 3100cn Colour Laser printer. Installing the 4 toner cartridges was interesting to say the least, a word of advice for anyone attempting it: make sure you turn the locking mechanism on each toner a couple of times before you put it in. This will break off the plastic tab that causes it to be a right pain when you are doing it in the confines of the printer. Also be careful which way you hold the toner before twisting it, or you will end up looking like you are in the middle of a kids painting party…. just like we did….

Anyway, once the hardware side of things was sorted out it was time to get it working with Ubuntu. Fortunately there was a linux driver on the install CD along with all the Windows stuff. It was in RPM form so I had to convert it to a .deb with alien:

sudo alien –scripts dell-3100cn-linux-driver.rpm

This produced a dell-laser-printer-3100cn_1.2-2_all.deb file. There are install scripts within the original rpm file so thats why the –scripts option is supplied to alien, or else it will leave them out.

Then simply:

sudo dpkg -i dell-laser-printer-3100cn_1.2-2_all.deb

There was a script error whilst it installed, but nothing serious. The it was a question of adding the printer via the Ubuntu Printer Wizard, so System->Administration->Printing and then Add New Printer. Select HP Jet Direct as the type of printer and input the IP address of your printer. Then select the type of printer as Dell and it should list the 3100cn Driver select it and you are all set.

After a bit of fiddling with paper sizes (printer thought it had A4 when it was actually Letter), it printed out everything no problem. Not the greatest quality, but then you can pick them up for about $300 so not that bad really. From the size of it you would think it was worth at least $1K!!!!