One of my mates showed me a couple of days ago and now I am in love with it!!

Its basically an Internet Radio Streaming site, but it is also so much more than that. Using plugins for most major music players it is possible to upload the names of the tracks you listen to. Why would I want to do that you might ask?

Good question, it allows to find out what your listening habits are and the type of music you like, then when you search for new music it will find more stuff that you like. This is especially good for listening to your neighbours” radio, which are people that like the same sort of music as you do, you can then listen to a stream from their favourite tracks.

The search is also worthy of a mention as it lets you search for artists that are similar to another band or genre that you like, e.g. Depeche Mode, Carl Cox, Trance. It will the supply you with your own custom stream that has all of the artists that it thinks you will like.

One of the best features is that it integrates perfectly with XBMC on the Xbox, it will upload your songs, and also allow you to search for music that you want to listen to. You just need to add a bookmark to your Music bookmarks and off you go, there is help how to do this on the website .

Another feature is you can list what you are listening to and what you have recently listened to on your own website, as I have done here, if there is nothing displayed under “recently Listened to” it means I am probably asleep!!

You get your own page on the site which allows you to have a blog, generates charts of what you have listened to and more. There is a paid option that allows more personal radio streams and its not that bad value at $3 a month. If you listen to music all day at work then you will probably get your moneys worth out of it, although the free service is more than adequate.

So go check it out.