Life with Vista

OK, so after such a long time away from doing anything interesting enough to put on my blog I decided to “upgrade” my laptop to Vista.

Having said I haven’t done anything interesting, the laptop in question is my Dell Inspiron 9300 which I have pinmodded to 2.16GHz using a 1.6GHz CPU (dropped my SuperPI time for a million calcs from 43 seconds to 36, although that also included upping the RAM to 2GB from 1GB), and recently upgraded the graphics card from an ATI X300, (scores of 250 on 3DMark06) with an Nvidia 7800GTX 256MB (score of 3750 on 3DMark06 once overclocked). I could do a walkthrough of how I got it all working, but there are much better tutorials here:


graphics card:…

7800 Overclocking:

I followed all of them and it worked a treat, the only slight problem was the fact that all the parts I bought were back in the UK and it took a few weeks for them all to arrive here in Cayman.

Anyway back to Vista. The first problem I had was, the DVD would not boot, so I had to install through XP instead of a nice clean install, this wasn’t too much of a problem as it meant my previous files were kept and moved to a backup folder so I didn’t need to use the set I had moved across to my USB HDD.

After that there haven’t been too many issues, although its only been 24 hours. The main ones have been (in no particular order):

  • Visual Studio requires SP1 and an update to Vista to work, and needs to be run in Administrator mode
  • Avast AnitVirus needed to be re-installed to get the new driver to make it work, I couldn’t simply update the older version, so I had to re-download the latest from the Avast site
  • Outlook Web Access (OWA) doesn’t work in IE7 on Vista due to some DHTML thing or other, there is a fix, but it has to be applied to the Exchange server, as I am the only one who is running Vista in the organisation right now, I am not about to go fiddling with the Exchange box, although I ahve asked the man who can to have a look into it for me.
  • Difficult to find stuff, as usual with a new OS, the new Start Menu has caused me to lock myself out a couple of times though.
  • Outlook is not showing my Tasks synced from my Treo 750, not sure if this is the phones fault or the new Windows Mobile Centre that replaces ActiveSync in Vista.

On the plus side, it is quite pretty, and integrates well with the new version of Office, the gadgets seem to work well and are useful, but it helps I have a 17″ widescreen monitor, wouldn’t be much use on a smaller screen at lower resolution.

I am sure there will be more pluses and minuses as I get used to it. Not as many reboots as I would ahve expected considering everything I ahve installed and all the updates that have been put in. The security model is a bit rubbish though, for anything I need Admin privilidges for I just get asked to click continue to get them, no password or anything, so although you know you are doing something admin related, theres no password required and clicking another box away everytime gets boring quickly.

I’ll post more stuff as and when I find anything out.

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