Drupal Update

So it appears that the Drupal problems were a bit more serious than I thought. Although to be completely accurate it wasn’t a problem with Drupal at all but MySQL. Although even that isn’t completely correct, it was actually a Windows permissions problem, which wouldn;t allow MySQL to write to its temp files. No matter where I put them.
I installed 5.1 and 4 versions of MySQL and still no joy, it just could not write to the file, even if it had its own temp file directory. Allegedly the Windows 2K3 server that the sites had moved to are exact copies of the old 2K3 server they were on. Yet they worked fine there, but now there are permissions errors. I wish I had the solution to the problem but I don’t. In the end all I could do was move the sites to another server, so now they are back on a Linux box, which rather nicely worked first time!!
I will maybe try moving the sites back to Windows if I ever get a solution or I may switch to another Database engine PostgreSQL or even MSSQL to see if they will work.