PHP Curl Support

So with my websites moved to a new server I decided to give them a quick update and added a Last.FM module to our Cayman site. I got the module from here, installed in the usual way, setup the username and password, only to find it required libcurl support. No problem I thought to myself. So SHH’d into the server to install it, only to find when I updated the packages on it (its a Debian Sarge box) it removed the running kernal, and even though a new one was installed it didn’t bother to update the menu.lst file in the /boot/grub folder with the location of the new images.

After a couple of frantic emails and trouble tickets to the hosting company in Canada and a crash course in the vi editor, things were sorted!!

Anyway, back to the install, I installed the libcurl3-dev package and then rebuilt my version of PHP using:

./configure –with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs –with-mysql –with-ffmpeg=YES –with-gd –with-zlib-dir –enable-mbstring –with-jpeg-dir=/usr/lib –with-mysqli –with-mcrypt –with-curl

followed with:



make install (as root)

Then restart apache, and everything is working. Well kind of. The module worked but started throwing fopen errors, seemed to be a permissions problem. In my googling to find the problem i found a newer version of the module here, which worked better, although the layout wasn’t as good with my CSS, so looks like I will have to go fiddle with it to make it all look pretty but at least its displaying now and the server is still working…touch wood it will stay that way!!!