Drupal 5 to WordPress 2

After a brief flirtation with Drupal for this blog, I am now back with WordPress. It’s not that I don’t like Drupal, it’s more that for this blog WordPress gives me everything in a smaller package. I use Drupal for bigger, more complicated sites, but all I need here is a blog, and WordPress is perfect for that.

To assist with the moving everything back I had a search about on the web and found a simple guide here. The conversion script worked perfectly, and I was up and running in under half an hour. A quick look at themes and plugins gave me a new look and some additional functionality and now it’s all good.

Another bonus is that the input filter problems I was having using Drupal and ScribeFire  are a thing of the past, so everything is now formatted correctly, which makes for much quicker posting when I don’t have to log into the site to correct the formats!!!