WM6 on Treo 750v

With nothing better to do I decided to update my phone to WM6. To get hold of the rom and instructions read this thread. It all went off without a hitch, I then followed these instructions to remove all the AT&T stuff from the ROM. I didn’t need to do all the stuff it said, just run the first cab, then the second ro rename the External_ROM and then using file explorer remove the two files held within, Hard Reset and all done.

I reinstalled the Spectec WM5 drivers for my WiFi card, and everything seemed to be fine, connected to Internet, synced with Exchange, then downloaded Windows Live Search.

All in all very simple and easy to do, and once the AT&T stuff was removed it seemed to work better than when I had just WM5, now if only my provider would give me a GPRS SIM card I could really make use of some of the features!!