Vista x64

After my successful experiment with XP Media Centre Edition I decided to get my home media PC setup properly and make use of the dual 64 bit cores that are in my CPU, so it was time to install Vista Ultimate 64 bit Edition.

The main thing that was surprising was the speed with which the install completed, I had been used to Ubuntu installing and being ready to use in about half an hour, but I had never seen a Microsoft OS install that quickly. I guess it probably helped that the PC wasn’t connected to the interweb so couldn;t download any updates whilst it was installing (it did this once it had booted 127MB of them to be exact!!). So my Windows Experience Rating is only 1.0 as I am using my built in graphics card just now and waiting till we go back to the UK at Christmas to buy a decent graphics card that will have HDMI out for the HDTV that is still only in my dreams…..

Everything worked out of the box, updates were pretty quick and easy, I haven’t setup the wireless PCI card yet, but the drivers are installed and it can see the network, I just need to put in the WEP key to make it all work.

Anyway, unlike my work laptop I was able to get my Xbox 360 and the PC to talk to each other no problem, so I think my assumption that the problems were down to the Domain my laptop is a part of at the bank I am working at currently was correct.

One thing I still have to get used to is checking that the apps I am putting on the computer are 64-bit compatible as I tried to get Transcode360 working but the 32-bit wouldn’t fire up properly, it was only after a lot of searching on Google that I found a working 64-bit version here

I had a slight problem with Transcode360 which hadn’t been apparent on the XP 2005 version which was the video would skip by 5 mins at certain points. Although I haven’t tried the fix yet I believe this can be sorted by increasing the transcode buffer from 15 secs to 30.

Now all I have to do is get all my media in the right places and share it out correctly……