MDaemon and RFC

So one of my outlaws has been having problems registering with a forum, the password confirmation email has not been arriving. I host their email on MDaemon, which upto this point has run without a hitch for the last 9 months, the spam protection has been superb especially the learning aspect of it.

Anyway the forums email was not even getting to the server or being placed in the spam trap either, despite me relaxing all of the spam levels. The admin of the forums was blaming my server as it wouldn’t accept their computer generated emails which I thought was a bit much. But low and behold there was an error message in the logs to say that the connection had been refused from the forums server because it did not conform to standards. MDaemon has an option to check if the incoming email conforms to RFC standards and if it doesn’t then it drops the connection to the incoming server. Personally I think this is the incoming mail servers problem, as they should be generating emails that conform to standards, especially as what’s the point in having standards if you don’t abide by them. But as the forum in question belongs to one of the biggest magazines in the UK there is no way I am going to get them to change their setup.

So I have had to change, I unchecked the RFC checking and suddenly the emails come through. So it will be left off at the moment, if it starts to cause problems with excessive other spam coming through the system then it will be turned back on again!!!