And the answer was….

In my previous post I was trying to get Xdebug to work on Windows with either WAMP or XAMMP and although it didn’t seem to be easy with WAMP it worked out of the box with XAMPP.

My next problem was to get Aliases to work, as I have all of my websites in a folder C:SourceWebsites and I don’t like to have them all in the htdocs folder when it comes to using Subversion with them. I tried all the examples with XAMPP and just could not get it to work, I was stuck with a 403 Permissions error. I knew the permissions on the folder were OK as I had had the alias working in WAMP, which was a simple case of selecting the right-click menu option and filling out the alias name and the directory to point at.

After 2+ hours I gave up and re-installed WAMP, I figured it might be easier to get Xdebug installed on WAMP than carry on bashing my head against this permissions wall. That assumption proved to be true, with XAMPP installed I copied the php_xdebug.dll file from the php/ext folder in XAMPP to WAMP and then copied the [Xdebug] section from the XAMP php.ini file and dumped it into the WAMP php.ini, restarted the apache service and low and behold phpinfo() produced the results I was hoping and now NetBeans is quite happy with the config, so after about 3 hours I can finally do some productive work!