MSCOMCT2.OCX On Windows 7 x64 Enterprise

So being the trail blazer in the office I decided to install Windows 7 x64 Enterprise on my work laptop when it came time for a re-install, previously I had been on Vista x86 Enterprise, but we have added an additional 2GB of memory to our laptops so I wanted to take advantage of the full 4GB.

I hadn’t had any major issues with the install until it came time to get our Time and Billing database to work which although is in Access 2007 is actually based on the original Access ‘97 version so has dependencies on VB6 controls, so I needed to register the two common control files for VB6 in Windows 7: MSCOMCT2.OCX and COMCTL32.OCX

I tried the usual: placing them in c:WindowsSystem32 and calling regsvr32 on them, however this wasn’t working and I kept getting an error saying the files couldn’t be opened.

After some searching about I found a few kind of related issues, but when I put them together it gave me the answer. The Microsoft site states that Windows 7 supports VB6 controls in a WOW environment, so the solution turned out to be placing the files in the C:WindowsSysWOW64 folder and then calling:

regsvr32 c:windowsSysWOW64MSCOMCT2.OCX


regsvr32 c:windowsSysWOW64COMCTL32.OCX

This is my first x64 OS, so I am guessing this is probably obvious to those people that have been using 64-bit for a while!