Disney Marathon 2010: Getting There

So this past weekend was the Walt Disney World Marathon, and this is my account having taken part. I have split it up into a few posts or else I would be here all day writing everything up.

To begin we had to get there, which was a mission, once we got to the airport everything was fine, but to get there was a bit more complicated. As we are house sitting for Ciara and Rob we had to put the cats into the cattery for a few days, should have been easy enough, except Nemo managed to break out of the locked garage and meant we had to track him down in the evening and then be very nice to the person who waited around until quite late on Friday night to let us drop them off. This was because we had the first flight out on Saturday at 8, so needed to be at the airport about 6 with the extra security measures in place. Again this would have been simple enough, but Sudz set her alarm for 5:30pm instead of AM, so we didn’t get to the airport until 7, luckily we had checked in the night before so we only had to drop our bags off. It was all fine and the timing was great, although the feeling of being late was not the best.

Once we got on the plane everything was great, right up until the pilot announced that it was below freezing in Orlando with scattered reports of ice pellets and snow. Not the best weather to be running in! When we landed in Miami it was cold (43) and hammering it down, this continued on the drive up the road, and it kept getting colder. By the time we reached Orlando it was 34, but the rain had stopped. I had to go and pick up my race number and officially sign in, so we went and did that before we checked into the hotel. Once that was all out of the way I decided it would be a good idea to go and get some cold weather running gear. All I had with me was my skiing thermals and a hat and gloves. So a trip to the Under Armour store helped sort that problem out with a new ColdGear top and a fleece that I could throw away if I needed to once I warmed up at the start.

Then it was back to the hotel and time for some carb-loading with the massive bowl of pasta I had brought with me, followed by an early night. Although as usual with an early start (3AM) and pre-race nerves, I only got a couple of hours, but it was more than enough.

I can’t really say the day dawned when I woke up, as it was still the middle of the night, and the sun didn’t actually come up until I was at nearly 10 miles. But we both got out of bed at 3, I had some breakfast and got all my layers on, Sudz did the same as she needed to keep Spudman warm. At least I would be running, she would be standing around in the cold. We headed out with a handful of other people who were staying at the same hotel about 4AM to drive to the start. This was a mission as the back entrance into Epcot was shut, as that is where the start was, so we had to queue with everyone else. This was actually a good thing as it meant by the time we got parked it was gone 5AM, so only 40 mins to wait. After a pre-race pitstop (which about 2 thousand other people decided was a good idea) there was only 5 mins to go, the problem was I wasn’t actually at the start. So I had to quickly say goodbye to Sudz and then leggit the half-mile to the start, so that counted as my warm up. I made it into the back of my corral just as the countdown to the gun got to 4….