The idea…..

The idea behind this blog is that it is 18 weeks until the Disney Marathon in January 2011. I ran the marathon there this past January and loved every minute of it. There can’t have been too many people that got to 20 miles and were sad that there were only 6 left to go!

As soon as entries opened I signed up again, but this time to do the Goofy Challenge which is both the half and full marathons over the same weekend. So 39.3 miles in one weekend.

However, right before the race I injured my back, it didn’t appear to be anything major at the time, there was a slight click when I turned to check the traffic as I crossed a road, and with some stretching I didn’t really notice any problems in the race other than a slightly tight hamstring. Once I tried to start training again I found that the problems were more serious than I thought. I had trapped nerves between discs in my back and the short story is for 9 months I have not been able to run for longer than a couple of minutes at once and the furthest I have run has been a mile or so.

I have been given the green light to start some training, running for 3 minutes in every 5. So from this base of having basically 0 fitness I still hope to get to the finish of the Goofy Challenge ( ~40 miles) 18 weeks from now.

It is going to be very hard work, and right now I would say the chances of managing it are only about 50:50 of even getting to the start line! I do like a challenge though and this blog is going to chart how close I get to my goal!