Training: Week 1

So I have just finished week one of the plan, and it was both harder and easier than I thought.

As we are still on vacation in Scotland it meant the runs I was doing were on rather hilly roads, which made it a lot harder. I managed to run a couple of miles with no stops on some of the 3 mile runs.

The 6 mile long run, was all 3 mins run and 2 mins walk, and I still managed to complete it in about an hour, only just outside the 10min/mile pace I had planned for the race. I had to do this on the Friday instead of Sunday as we were flying back to Cayman on the Saturday and I didn’t fancy the chances of my leg and back being in good shape after 12 hours in an airplane seat!

No problems to report with the leg at the moment, I am keeping up the stretching and the back is loosening off nicely before every session. I replaced one of the runs with a cycle this week, and went out for a bit longer than planned, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Workouts this week:

Tuesday: 3M Run

Wednesday: 8.5M Cycle

Thursday: 3M Run

Friday: 6M Run

(Normally I would link to the Runkeeper workout profiles, but as my phone was wiped this week I don’t have them at the moment, although they are backed up)