Training: Week 2

OK, another week done, and what a week!

I got carried away and decided to try for the Intermediate II training schedule already as having looked at how the plans step up over the next couple of weeks the number of miles for the long runs jump a lot in the harder plan and I would have had to push myself a lot to catch up.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it, but I could always cut any of the runs short if I felt the need and stick to the Novice II plan.

This was also the first week of running back in Cayman after the coolness of the UK for a month. This definitely had an effect on me on the 5m run I tried on Thursday, I managed 3 running and then walk/ran the rest.

The long run was a real challenge, and not just the running. To be able to go out for long runs in a hot country you have to be prepared to run in the middle of the night when it is at its coolest. This wasn’t all that hard as with a 5 month old baby I am used to getting up when it is still dark outside. But there is all the preparation the night before that I had kind of forgotten about. I took out my Camelbak and then realised it hadn’t been washed since last December, so the bladder ended up in the bin as it was full of mold, a new one is on its way along with the new watch. So after getting up at 4AM and spending the best part of half an hour stretching I set off in the dark just before 5. I really surprised myself, as 2 weeks ago the furthest I had run, and felt could run, was 3M and then I went out here and ran the whole 9. It wasn’t really my intention to go the whole way as I didn’t think I could, so I had planned to run the first half and then walk/run the rest, but once I got going and into a rhythm I was fine. I am not going to lie and say it was easy, but I wasn’t completely exhausted when I got back and felt I could have gone a bit further. I was even more impressed when I looked at my time I had averaged 9:42 and looking at the splits I was within 10 seconds of that with every mile which is great consistency, especially being the first long run in a long time, and also being 6 miles longer than I had run in one go since January!

I went out for a cycle on Sunday, and I got a bit confused, it should have been 50 minutes as the plan showed a 5 mile run but I did 90 mins instead thinking it was meant to be 9 miles. I enjoyed it and I was happy with my pace and also my fitness and general lack of soreness considering the previous days exertions!

So right now I would say I am more confident about getting to the start line in January than I have been since I first signed up for the race!