Training: Week 3

Week 3 was pretty much like week 2 to be honest. There were the shorter 3m and 6m runs and the much longer 11m, which despite Runkeeper saying was only 10.5 was 11, as my phone/runkeeper (not sure what caused the other to break) crashed with not far to go.

Overall not a bad week, once again I surprised myself with being able to do 11m without stopping, and even more surprising was that I was actually quicker by over 10 seconds a mile than I was running 9 last week. I think this might have something to do with still being relatively fresh at the moment with not many miles in my legs. Although having totaled up the miles for the whole of this month I am at 60, which is a lot when the most I had managed before that for a month would have been about 15-20!

I am expecting the monotony of training to take over in the next week or so. The getting up at 4AM is still quite novel at the moment, that will wear off soon. I am sort of looking forward to this upcoming weeks long run as it is a half-marathon, which would be 0-13.1 in 6 weeks, which is pretty impressive! On the downside, last year at this time I was running 1h:47m halfs and I am expecting to be at least 15 mins slower than that, which isn’t good. I have to keep reminding myself that this challenge is just about getting to the start line, not to set personal bests. Getting to the finish line would be another good thing if I can manage it!

I also have to decide at which point I switch to following the plan properly and do two long runs at the weekend. Currently I am doing the long run on the Saturday and a fast cycle on the Sunday, that needs to change so I can get ready for the Goofy and be used to running twice at a weekend.

I am waiting on some new gear to arrive, trainers, new Camelbak and also a replacement GPS/HRM watch. When it all arrives I will do a post on the gear that I use as I am very particular!