Training: Week 6

A third of the training plan is now completed, and this week was better than last week, despite picking up a bit of a cold just before the weekend.

I guess it would be expected for this week to be better than the previous week, as it was the first “step-back” week that I have had since training began, so although the mid-week runs weren’t any shorter they were at a slower pace, with the only race-pace run being 6 miles on Saturday. Sunday was 10m and was the second week of back-to-back runs at the weekend that I have done. I wasn’t all that consistent with my splits, the first few were close, but then I dropped a bit and the next few were slower, but still close together and then finished fast to get the average pace under 9:00.

Now the whole subject of pace for racing and training is a subject I need to write a post on, and at the moment if I am honest I am not entirely sure what my race pace is for the two different races. Due to the nature of the whole event I am going to need to compromise the pace I run at for both individual races to make sure I actually make it round the whole 39.3 miles. This is a tough ask as when I am feeling good I want to run as fast as possible!

The best thing this week, though, was all my new kit arrived, so I have a nice new pair of Asic Numbus 11’s to replace the rather worn out pair that had started to give me blisters. The replacement reservoir for the Camelbak means I can run without carrying a bottle in my hand. Lastly my Garmin 305 arrived so I don’t have to rely on Runkeeper anymore for tracking my runs and I can get some accurate info out of it now, including my heart rate so I can see which zone I am spending most of my time in. As with the pace post I intend to write I will also write one about the kit/gear that I use too.

Overall it was a good week, and my body definitely appreciated the comparative rest that it got. It also helped that getting a cold came the week that I am taking it easy, it would have been much worse if it had come in a few weeks when I am doing 30 miles over a weekend!

I am not looking forward to the next couple of weeks, as it is the mid-part of the training before it gets really interesting, 16 and 17 miles are the two long runs before the next step-back week. These are kind of “in-between” distances, they aren’t short enough to be considered easy like the 10 I did this past weekend, and they also aren’t the challenge of the 19,20 and 22 long runs that I will be doing when training comes to a head later on. I always have trouble getting motivated about this time in my training routine, you are far enough from the start that the novelty has definitely worn off, but also with well over 10 weeks to go, you are nowhere near the end so can’t start getting excited about the light at the end of  the tunnel and the event itself.