Training: Week 8

After the disappointment of previous weeks, this week was going to be a big test to see if I actually was heading in the right direction.

The good news is, it would appear that I am! All of this weeks runs were completed without issue.

Things were changed around a bit with my longer mid-week run moving from Thursday night to Wednesday morning, this had the effect of also needing to move the Tuesday run from the evening to the morning, which in turn now means I am up at 5AM or earlier 4 times a week!

It is definitely having an effect on the amount of TV that gets watched in the evenings as I am in bed by 8PM most nights!

Anyway, the shorter and longer midweek runs went off without a hitch. The weekends were slightly changed in terms of when I was going to run them. We had a Halloween BBQ to go to on the Saturday and I didn’t fancy watching what I was eating with a 17m run the next morning. So I switched days and did the shorter of the two on the Friday and the longer on Saturday morning.

The 8m run was fine, nice and relaxed at just under 9min/mile pace. The 17m run was also good. I was nervous after the last few longer runs which haven’t worked out properly for various reasons. I set out at a steady pace and tried to average 9:45, which I managed without too many problems. I had the usual period at the start when you aren’t fully warmed up and into your running when you think you will feel terrible, but by 5m I was feeling good, and even got a bit carried about about 8m and started doing times around 9:30min/mile. I finished pretty strong, and felt great for having had a decent pair of runs at the weekend with no walking.

When the distance goes beyond 17m I am going to need to think about fueling when I am out. Currently I just try and drink 32oz of Gatorade for every hour I am out, beyond 17m I am going to need an energy bar or some gels to give me a boost to keep going as I was beginning to feel a bit hungry after 15m this week.

This coming week is another stepback week, although the only thing that goes down is the Sunday run which is back to 12m, the longer midweek and Saturday runs are actually going up to 9m!