Training: Week 10

The second half of the training plan started off with the most mileage in a week that I had ever had to run. As it turned out I didn’t do all of it, but the weekends long runs were the most I had done in a weekend ever!

I managed the 4m without problem. The longer 9m though never happened due to not feeling 100%. There seems to be a bug going around and the whole of the family had it on Monday and Tuesday; we were all in bed by 7pm on the Tuesday so the thought of getting up at 4AM Wednesday was too much. Normally I would have switched it to Wednesday evening, but due to our trip to Miami for the long weekend, I had shifted the weekend runs forward to Friday and Saturday so I only had to run once whilst we were away. I couldn’t really go out on Wednesday night an then do another 9m Friday morning followed by 19m on Saturday and hope to have recovered enough in between each.

So basically I ran Tuesday and then had Wednesday and Thursday off, before completing the 9m on Friday before we left. It was fairly average, I was hoping to get under 9min/mile but was just outside, but I was trying to take it as steady as possible with not having been well earlier in the week and the thought of travelling and running 19m the following morning.

The run in Miami was both good and bad, it was great to be out and about in a different place; it can be very boring pounding the same streets for nearly 5 months! We tried to drive a route on the Friday night once we had checked in to the hotel, but with the traffic it took forever. I ended up running from the hotel out to Key Biscayne as there were literally hundreds of other runners out doing the same, so I just followed them. I waited until the sun came up before going out, as I didn’t fancy the thought of running in the dark in unfamiliar surroundings. The view was spectacular as you went over the bridge into Key Biscayne, although the bridge was like hiking up Everest compared to the roads in Cayman. With the temperature being down a bit I ended up running too fast to start with, I didn’t feel I was going too fast and I felt comfortable, but I paid for it after about halfway. I could tell there wasn’t much left in my legs when I turned for home, and ended up needing a couple of walks to get back. The good thing was though I was able to walk and then run again without a problem, normally once I walk I then have to walk every half a mile or so.

By the time I got back I had averaged 9:46 which is pretty much what I had planned to do, although I had run the second half at over 10min/mile pace, and I would have continued to slow if it had been the full distance. However, when I got back I realised I had drunk only just over 32oz of liquid in 3 hours, normally I would consume 32oz for every hour I was out. So that would explain part of the slowing. The temperature was cooler than Cayman, but I still picked up a decent tan, so it was warmer than I felt due to the wind, which meant I drank less. Add that to the nearly 20 hour day I had had on Friday with getting up to run early and then travelling etc. and I did about as well as could be expected.

One last point about running in Miami, whilst the view was nice, the other runners were very rude and in some cases arrogant. Nobody said Good Morning, in the same way they do here, despite me offering the greeting to people as I ran past them. On more than one occasion I had to jump out of the way of a group of runners coming towards me that were running 3 abreast and had not intention of moving to allow me to go in the other direction which I found shocking! I had to jump into the path of oncoming traffic, puddles, ditches, all sorts to avoid these groups. Considering we are all out doing the same thing, and running on a clearly marked running/cycling lane it was extremely out of order that people could be so discourteous to fellow runners.

It is like I have always thought though, the only problem with Miami is the people who live there!

Next week is the first 10m/20m weekend, with a 10m thrown in on Wednesday for good measure, so I will be breaking the record for miles in a week that I set this week already! It is getting harder, and the race still doesn’t seem to be that close!