Training: Week 13

So last week I had the flu, this week I was trying to come back from it.

The original plan had called for this to be another big week with 10m on Wednesday and then 10m and 20m+ at the weekend.

It didn’t quite work out like that. I managed the 5m on the Tuesday without a problem (currently I haven’t uploaded the workouts from this week, will update when I do), I ran faster than marathon pace and thought I was back on track.

Wednesday I was supposed to be back up to 10m, but having not really run for a week and with the big weekend ahead I decided 7 was probably a better number to try for. Longer than normal, but not so long as to cause potential issues if I wasn’t quite as fit as I thought.

I managed the 7, but had to walk just over a mile at the end as I was getting really bad stomach cramps, they had come on about 3.5 miles and continued to get worse until it got to the point of needing to walk. This left me a bit downhearted. I had been hoping to get back on track and be ready for the long runs resuming at the weekend.

The additional problem was, I couldn’t do my normal Thursday workout, as this past weekend was the Cayman Islands Marathon, which meant I wasn’t going to be able to get out on the Sunday morning (we live on the route) with 500+ people hammering up and down. So I had to do my longer runs Friday and Saturday instead. This meant no chance to test myself out again, as Thursday then became a rest day, to see if the cramps would come back. After a lot of head scratching I decided to just do the 6m and 12m runs that I should have done the previous week.

Whilst I wanted to do the longer runs, I didn’t want to go out and run 30m+ over the weekend and do myself an injury that put me out completely. This was definitely the right decision to make, as I had stomach cramps on both of the runs. They were both respectable times, around what I would expect for normal Saturday (marathon pace) and Sunday (20-30 seconds slower) times. The cramps were definitely better on the longer of the two runs and it felt very good to finish them and have them out of the way.

The bigger issue is the mess that my training plan is now in. I missed basically a whole week and this last week was meant to be one of the 3x20m+ runs. Whilst I am sure I could get away with only 1 more 20m run, for me it is a mental thing. I lost a week, which probably isn’t much fitness, but if I lose a 20m run it will be in the back of my mind that maybe I can’t do it.

If I try and do 2 weekends back to back of 30m+ then in total I have calculated I will be looking at doing close to 120m in the next 2 weeks! That is a lot of mileage! But if I don’t do something like that then I have another short weekend next weekend and only 1 more 20m+ run to come the following weekend. If that went wrong I would be 3 weeks out from the race and mentally I would be in a right state with only one decent 20m run under my belt.

I know that being able to go 20m and then 22m in training for the marathon this January was a great help, it was the first time I had done that, and it gave me the confidence to do as well as I did. Whilst the goal is just to finish I would not be happy if I had to walk the last 6 miles or so of the marathon!

So the new plan is to do a normal “hard” week this coming week, 5m Tuesday, 10m Wednesday, 5m Thursday and then 10m Sat and anything up to 22m on Sunday. Assuming that goes according to plan then the following week will be down to how I feel. I will still be aiming for 12m and 20m at the weekend, but the longer 10m run midweek might be cut back if I am feeling tired. I think I will get more out of completing the longer runs at the weekend than killing myself midweek and then not being able to complete the weekend!

We will see how it goes!