Training: Week 15

Following hot on the heels of Week 14, was another big week. The final hard week of the plan before 3 weeks of tapering to the race.

Midweek runs were exactly the same as the previous week, with 5M, 10M and 5M. All passed off without a hitch, in fact as I didn’t get any cramps on the longer run, it was better than last week, even with all the miles of the previous week in my legs.

The weekend was the same total miles, but split as 12M on Saturday and then 20M on Sunday. I did this to try and simulate the race weekend a bit better, going as close as I could to a half-marathon and then going to 20M on the Sunday.

Preparation for the weekend was not as meticulous as normal, as with it being the run-up to Christmas there was a work Christmas meal to attend on Friday night, followed by dropping baby-sitter back on the other end of the island, so I wasn’t in bed before midnight, and had to be up again at 4AM. I was certainly not as lively in the morning when I set off.

As with the run the previous weekend where I used my heart-rate, I did it on both runs this time. At half-way I changed over to heart-rate mode and came back on both occasions quicker than I went out.

I did the 20M run different again from the previous week, this time 2.5 laps of an 8M circuit. This meant I was only ever 2M from the house, as I was expecting at some point my legs would give out. The Sunday run was much harder than it had been the week before, although overall I managed to get the same average time as the previous week. Again I am not getting carried away, as I was really very tired by the end, and I gave it my all just to get to 20M, if I had needed to do another 6 then I would have slowed dramatically. I am not sure if this was because of going the extra 2M on Saturday or the culmination of the previous 2 weeks 100+ miles.

At the end of the day though, all of the tough training is now out of the way, and I am on reduced miles for the next 3 weeks all the way to the start line. My body is certainly ready for the break, 104M in 12 days is a lot, hopefully it will pay off on the day!