Training: Week 16

With all of Christmas, house sitting and house moving I haven’t had chance yet to upload the workouts from last week.

It was a pretty easy week, being the first of the tapering weeks. The mid-week runs dropped to 4M on Tuesday and 6M on Wednesday. I skipped the 4M for Thursday as with Christmas being on the Saturday I wanted to get my weekend runs done on Friday and Saturday. This mean I didn’t need to get up on Boxing Day after eating a big Christmas dinner and run 12M!

This worked quite well, with only 4M needed on Friday, with the weather being cooler here I was able to do it in the afternoon and not have an early start. The same can’t be said for the 12M on Saturday, Christmas Day! I was up at just before 4AM, to make sure I was out and back and cooled down before Max got up for his first Christmas and started on his presents.

The run was pretty easy, not very fast, but under 9min/mile, helped by the cool conditions no doubt.

All in all a very relaxed and easy week after the previous 50M+ weeks!

An even easier week next week before the final week!