The Night Before

OK, so now I have managed to get all the training posts out of the way and caught up I can put a few thoughts down about the challenge ahead.

The Half-Marathon starts in exactly 10 hours as I type, and I will be going to bed as soon as this is posted.

I will be up at 3:30, just throwing on some clothes and then grabbing my bag and jumping on the Monorail to the start. I signed up for the Race Retreat after the cold weather of last year, so I have a nice cozy warm tent to get changed in and stretch and also grab some food. So that is the plan, to head down there and leave Sarah and Max sleeping, and hopefully I will see them when I run past the hotel (we are staying in the Contemporary Resort) about 45 mins after the start.

As I said in the previous post, I am not exactly sure how the weekend will play out. According to the training plan I have trained harder than last year, according to my Nutritionist I am in better shape (7lbs lighter and 1% less body fat) and I also have the knowledge of what it takes to get around the course here. However, I have only trained from September, and when I started back in week one I couldn’t run more then a mile or two without needing a walk. I also haven’t felt great the last week or so, and the last 4 runs have been a struggle, not the cake walks I expected! So although some of the numbers say I should be as fit if not fitter than last year I am certainly not expecting to set any Personal Bests this weekend!

Having said that though, I haven’t actually run a half-marathon race, I have only ever done them in training and taken the splits from the full marathons, so essentially I don’t have a PB for this distance, therefore anything I do tomorrow could be classed as a PB.

The fastest I have ever done in training is a 1:47:19, I don’t think I will get anywhere near that, as it would mean averaging very close to 8Min/Miles and I have only managed that a couple of times during this training plan, and they were also over less than half the distance I have to go in the morning. Realistically getting somewhere close to that time is the best I can hope for, maybe around 1:50:00? Anything over 2hrs would be poor though, so I am definitely looking to go faster than that. The paces I have been running at in training should bring me in just under 9min/mile which is around 1hr55mins, so I will set that as the standard, better than that and I will be pleased.

The other conundrum though is what to do about leaving something in the tank for Sunday? I really don’t want to blow up in the closing stages because I over did it on Saturday. The best way is going to be to keep an eye on my heart-rate and try to keep it down so that I know I am not taxing myself too much. The weather is due to be almost perfect over the next couple of days, high 40’s tomorrow morning and then mid-50’s on Sunday. This should mean I can run at the pace I want to, and have trained at and I will be able to keep my heart-rate in check while I do it.

Of course this could all go out of the window once I have my running playlist on and the adrenaline is pumping in the first few miles. The main thing is not to ruin the whole weekend in the first 5 miles by getting carried away.

I will report back tomorrow with the result!