Training: Week 18

Following on swiftly from Week 17 was Week 18.

Even less to report here as there were only 2 runs before the big day(s) 3M and 4M at the start of the week.

Neither of them felt great I have to say, so I am a bit nervous going into the races. Last year the last few runs I really had to hold myself back and not run too fast, I felt full of energy. This week was definitely not like that!

I am hoping it is just a combination of having moved house over the weekend that left me rather tired, and also the slight cold I also had at the back end of last week. It never really turned into a full blown cold, but my glands were swollen, nose was a bit blocked and I had a sore throat. I really noticed that my heart-rate was a lot higher on the last few runs than it had been previously. It could also have been because the weather changed and was warmer again this last week than the comparatively cold weather we had been having here for the month or so before that!

So the only thing left to do now is to run the races…..